Seeking the Beautiful

If it intrigues me, it goes in!

I made this a few days ago. Well, it was more inspired by that recipe but less fatty. My mom picked the recipe or else I would’ve gone for something lighter but this is really worth it…my father didn’t even complain about this meal because he loved it. He drenched his broccoli in the extra sauce but don’t do that if you’re trying to be light. 

I served it with this salad of Campari tomatoes, bell peppers, and green onions. Don’t bother with a dressing because there’s plenty of creamy goodness oozing all over the plate anyway. My father liked that a lot too so that’s a good sign. 

Alongside was a small piece of bread. Papi demands bread. 

Anyway, everyone in the world should make this. It has an impressive and comforting taste while still being sophisticated. Better than what you get at a lot of restaurants. 

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